Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

CA: BART to Improve Customer Access to Richmond Station

The BART Board of Directors voted to allocate funds and leverage grants to improve customer access at its Richmond Station.

Whether you walk, bus, bike or get dropped off at this station, once the project is done you’ll get there more efficiently and safely. BART will transform the outdated existing traffic area on the west side of the station to a more user-friendly modern one. The redesign includes improved bus routes and stops, new drop-off/pick-up and taxi islands and a safer pedestrian pathway to the Richmond Station entrance.

In addition, the redesign will refurbish bus shelters and benches, improve landscaping and signage, replace lighting and add real-time displays for bus arrivals.

“This action by the board is another great example of BART’s transition from using its stations as merely park-and-ride locations to also serving as inviting destinations,” BART Board Member Zakhary Mallett said. “This specific example also complements Richmond’s effort to transform its downtown into a Main Street.” Director Mallett represents BART District 7, which includes the City of Richmond.

BART is combining $500,000 of its funds with regional grants to comply with the required match for the $2.9 million in One Bay Area Grant funds approved by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority and allocated by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Partner grants include $186,200 from the West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee and $744,800 in Prop 1B Lifeline Program funds, bringing the total cost for the redesign to $4.3 million.