VA: Patent for New Hybrid Battery Powered Heavy Vehicle Lift System Awarded to Ari-Hetra

Ari-Hetra has announced their receipt of U.S. Patent No. 8,474,793 B2 for the invention of an environment-friendly mobile lift system for use in servicing heavy equipment and vehicles that uses hybrid battery technology and energy conservation in a traditionally energy-intensive industry segment.

This next generation of Ari-Hetra heavy lift equipment is a regenerative electrical charging system that uses the weight of a lifted vehicle to recharge highly-efficient on-board batteries, dramatically reducing the draw on the power grid compared to traditional lifts. Not only does this new lift system greatly reduce energy costs, but because it is mobile, it can be taken to the location of a heavy vehicle that must be serviced or repaired.

The new Ari-Hetra system also doesn't use hydraulic fluid, which is environmentally harmful and poses significant disposal challenges. The system is so ecologically friendly, in fact, that it can contribute to a newly-built service facility being awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building certification by the Federal Government.

"Our new lift's capacity ranges from 48,000 pounds to 144,000 pounds, making it as robust as it is energy conscious," said Ari-Hetra's founder and president. "The system is so unique because it doesn't just lift the weight, it harnesses that weight and translates it into usable energy," he continued. Based on its efficiency, the new system is highly sought after, and Ari-Hetra is very happy with our sales of the new lifts nationally and globally.