Ametek Microjammer Blower Upgraded to Include Full-Wave Electronic Controller

The MICROjammer Series of high-performance compact variable-speed brushless blowers from Ametek Precision Motion Control (PMC) has been upgraded to include the latest state-of-the-art electronic controller. The upgrade to a full-wave electronic speed controller allows for greater functional control for the end user, while preserving the MICROjammer’s high performance and compact design.

The full-wave commutating electronics package enhances the versatility of the MICROjammer blower family well beyond its previous half-wave version by providing more protection features, functional options (including a tachometer output), and increased customization potential. 

Being fully programmable, end users no longer need to develop their own “hard” control schemes but can now take advantage of an Ametek multi-wire input for specific operational functions, including closed -loop speed control, maximum speed set, electric braking, current limit, over temperature, locked rotor, and others.

The upgraded controller also allows a greater range of speed control. End users will no longer need to vary input voltage to achieve specific operating characteristics, but instead, they can take full advantage of the on-board signal-level controllability.

Along with these benefits, upgraded MICROjammer blowers offer greater operating efficiency, lowering their cost of usage and making them better suited for energy efficient or “green” applications. These units can now deliver up to 50 inches (water column) of static pressure and achieve airflow levels of 26 cubic feet per minute.

Blower package sizes vary from 3.0 inches to 5.1 inches, each providing unique aerodynamic operating characteristics allowing for a custom fit.