MEN Micro Inc.

MEN Micro Strengthens Global Commitment to Quality Management

Men Micro Inc. has recently achieved two notable certifications related to its product development and manufacturing quality.

The company successfully obtained renewal of its IRIS certification on the first audit as well as implemented the EFQM Excellence Model to ensure the continued quality management of its embedded products and services worldwide.

Manfred Schmitz, CEO of parent division Men Mikro Elektronik, noted, “Achieving our IRIS renewal in the first round demonstrates how we strive to adhere to industry-specific standards. Implementing the EFQM Model, which examines everything from customer value to effectively managing organizational change and empowering employees, is another way of ensuring a quality process overall.”

The new EFQM quality management strategy, managed by the member-run Initiative Ludwig-Erhard-Preis e.V (ILEP), builds on the company’s existing IRIS certification as well as other quality designations held by the company, including ISO 9001 and EN 9100. 

Schmitz continued, “Being a member of the ILEP, a next step could be to apply for the Ludwig-Erhard-Preis award itself, and continuation of Men’s ongoing goal of business excellence. This is the Germany equivalent of the Malcolm Baldridge award, run by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).”

During the fulfillment of these various industry standards, Men Micro has met many quality requirements including product development based on the V model, comprehensive RAMS management, careful environmental and function tests performed within the in-house test lab, first article inspection before series production, traceability of all products and a verifiable lifecycle management, to name only a few.

Differing from the market-specific IRIS (railway) and EN 9100 (avionics) standards, the EFQM model considers the company as a whole and takes into account all quality-relevant aspects. Its focus is on continuous optimization and efficiency of the processes which in turn will secure the company's success in the long run.

Men Micro is one of only 10 companies worldwide to hold both the IRIS and EN 9100 certifications.