KY: Lextran Contracts Commuter Advertising to Provide Digital Geo-Targeted Onboard Advertising

Lextran recently entered into a new partnership with Commuter Advertising, a digital transit media provider to sell, manage and broadcast digital advertising onboard Lextran buses. Messages began broadcasting onboard Lextran buses Aug. 1.

In addition to providing Lextran with an additional revenue stream, advertising messages from area businesses may bring special promotions to passengers. Lextran can use the same system to provide public service information and further increase communication with passengers.

“We’re excited to join forces with Commuter Advertising to enhance the rider experience and tap into an additional source of revenue,” said Rocky Burke, Lextran general manager. “This partnership also gives us another unique way to communicate with our customers for Lextran-specific information.”

The advertising program, run by Ohio-based Commuter Advertising, taps into the existing GPS systems on transit vehicles to broadcast onboard advertisements at specific times and locations on Lextran routes. Digital audio announcements play in tandem with text scroll on bus marquees.

“We’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Lextran and to begin providing location-based digital media options to advertisers in Lexington,” said Commuter Advertising Founder and CEO Katie Hill. “Lextran management has been a pleasure to work with, and has enabled a quick and seamless kick-off.”

Commuter Advertising’s program was created by commuters for the benefit of commuters, advertisers and transit companies alike; additional advertising revenue helps to preserve service and keep fares low, while offering advertisers opportunities to reach a relevant audience on-the-move and in the marketplace.

The first two advertisers on Lextran buses were Red Mile Village, a Lexington apartment complex near the University of Kentucky campus, and Megabus.com, a low-cost national express bus service. Red Mile Village messages are scheduled to play directly outside the complex on Red Mile Road. Megabus.com messages are scheduled to play at select bus stops in addition to specified times across all buses in operation.

Megabus.com was one of the first companies to sign when Commuter Advertising launched in Pittsburgh in June, and were quick to sign in Lexington as well.

“Megabus.com is excited about utilizing Commuter Advertising to promote our very affordable Pittsburgh city-to-city express bus services and our recent launch in Lexington,” said Mike Alvich, vice president of marketing and public relations for Megabus.com. “The CA staff crafted a strategic campaign that would reach our target audience, and we’re looking forward to building brand awareness and ticket sales.”

Other advertisers to use Commuter Advertising media include McDonald’s, United Way, Walmart, Coca-Cola and major colleges and universities around the nation.