Delcan Corporate Development

Delcan Corp. Celebrates 60 Years in Business

Delcan Corp. is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Delcan began in Toronto in 1953 as a small, five person consultancy. Quickly and steadily, Delcan expanded to what is now more than 800 employees in multiple office world-wide.

Having bright, highly committed, loyal employees has been one of the cornerstones of Delcan’s success and because the firm has prided itself on building a strong positive culture, Delcan has many employees that have invested more than 25 years of their careers to the firm. In fact, Delcan has been the home to three generations of the Riggs family. The first Riggs family member, Jack Riggs, joined Delcan in 1964 and became known to colleagues and family as the “Delcan Man”. Jack’s career at Delcan spanned 30 years and three continents.

Not only does the Riggs family attest to Delcan’s stronghold as a world class employer, but other employees do as well. When surveyed, 96 percent of employees said they would recommend Delcan as a place of employment and 98 percent believe that their work is important and directly related to Delcan’s success. Throughout Delcan’s 60 year history, various industry organizations have acknowledged Delcan with countless awards and recognitions for outstanding projects, exceptional employees and responsible business practices.

Delcan also prides itself on making positive contributions to local communities. Whether through providing transit systems, stream naturalization and green buildings or through projects like traffic management, water efficiency measures and urban planning, Delcan has delivered efficient solutions that conserve resources and enhance the natural environment.

Delcan’s commitment to corporate responsibility includes active participation in community organizations, both at the employee and corporate level. Delcan has been a long-standing participant in various annual fundraising programs and employees have been extremely generous and readily donated monies toward these charities, as well as fundraisers for natural disaster relief.

Delcan also prides itself on being a fun place to work. Besides local social activities, employees also participate in community and charitable activities as a means of both bonding and giving back to the local communities that the firm serves.

In addition to supporting local charities in the communities in which our employees live and work, Delcan also contributes $50,000 every year in scholarships for post-secondary education. Delcan’s scholarship program consists of an external campaign with donations to local colleges and universities, building the future of our industry and an internal campaign which offers scholarships to children of Delcan employees, giving back to those that have served as the foundation for the firm’s success.

Great companies with long-term success are not built overnight, but instead are the result of a strong commitment to build mutual trust, between the company, its leadership and its employees. In an era of company collapses and wide-spread layoffs, Delcan is especially pleased to celebrate 60 years of fostering long-lasting relationships with employees and clients, always with the aim of improving the quality of life in the local communities that the firm serves.