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Misco Builds Out Amplifier Line for Custom Applications

Misco has introduced the GPA-221 amplifier, extending the company’s new line of cost-efficient amps for a wide variety of custom audio applications.

The GPA-221, Misco’s first stand-alone amplifier, is a 200-watt Class D amplifier designed for traditional and digital signage, kiosks, commercial equipment, classrooms and anywhere an efficient, compact, audio amp is needed. It features a 1/8-inch audio input, stereo or 2.1 speaker output, and both onboard and external volume controls.

The compact 6.5” x 5.5” x 1.75” size is unusual for a commercial amp with this output and signal quality. Its long lifecycle makes the GPA-221 an ideal product for applications and installations where product changes are expensive or unacceptable. In addition, its simple switch between stereo and 2.1 channel configuration gives it greater flexibility.

While historically a global loudspeaker manufacturer, Misco expanded into amplifiers, through a strategic partnership with Digital Audio Labs (DAL), in order to provide the nucleus of complete, customized, audio systems. Both amps and speakers are engineered and built with Misco’s “for the sound you want” philosophy.

“Offering speakers, amps, and accessories help ensure that customers get their signature sound, and get it with cost efficiency,” says Dan Digre, Misco president. “We work closely with DAL to combine the sound-shaping control of their digital amplifier technology with the right Misco speakers. So whether the customer has audio engineers who give us custom product requirements, or they’re adapting one of our turnkey audio systems, they’ll get an optimal, application-specific solution”.

Digital Audio Labs, best-known for breakthrough audio interfaces such as CardD and CardDeluxe, provides expertise in digital signal processing (DSP), A/D and D/A conversion, amplification, and manufacturing. Misco amplifiers, like the GPA-221, are based on DAL’s PowerShape line of integrated digital amps. The advantage of PowerShape amps are their simplicity; integrating input, signal processing, mixing, and amplification into one box.

“PowerShape is a perfect balance of performance and value,” said Ted Klein, president of DAL. “Putting everything into one unit streamlines installation, cuts system costs, and optimizes performance—all the key benefits of Misco’s complete audio systems”.

“We provide our customers the key components to build a great audio system: High quality, flexible amp solutions and a wide variety of professional grade speakers,” Dan Digre said. “This capability allows Misco to deliver a unique combination of highly customizable audio systems with streamlined installation and reduced system costs. Misco and DAL developments like the GPA-221 amp are helping us create more exciting multichannel audio options for our customers.”