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Silent Running Introduces SR 500 to 2013 BusCon Expo

Silent Running will present SR 500, a liquid coating used to dampen vibration and noise, at the BusCon conference in Chicago.

SR 500 can easily be applied to various surfaces including fiberglass, aluminum, and steel to illuminate unwanted vibration and noise. Unlike the other sound deadening products, SR 500 requires no cutting, fitting or peeling and there is no scrap. SR 500 was originally manufactured in a grey tint; however, as an added benefit customers now have the option between grey and black to coordinate with their project’s design.

“Customer service is a No. 1 priority,” said Silent Running President, Brian Prinz. “When we started to get feedback from our current customers that they would like color options, we immediately looked into how we can accommodate this.”

Stop by the Silent Running booth No. 1529 to try out SR 500 using on hands on demonstration, and to learn more about how the sound and vibration dampener can help your projects.