Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier Announces Sponsorship of The Millennial Trains Project

Bombardier Transportation announced July 29 its sponsorship of The Millennial Trains Project (MTP). Founded in 2012, MTP leads crowdfunded transcontinental train journeys to empower enterprising and civic-minded Millennials, aged 18 to 34, to advance new ideas that benefit local communities.

The sponsorship will support the inaugural MTP train journey across the U.S. from Aug. 8-17. During stops in San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C., 20 Millennial entrepreneurs will execute projects of their own design that benefit, serve and inspire others in each locality.

The mission of MTP is reflected in Bombardier’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and to responsible citizenship in the areas of education, environment and entrepreneurship. Over the course of the 10-day journey, MTP participants will explore innovative solutions for sustainable transportation, renewable energy technologies, and improving access to higher education, among many others.

“What pioneering aspirations and initiatives will define our generation? This question is the driving force behind The Millennial Trains Project,” said Patrick Dowd, CEO and founder of The Millennial Trains Project. “Long before the internet brought the world to our fingertips, trains served as vehicles of discovery, connection, and economic opportunity. On a train journey this August, with the support of Bombardier, a group of Millennials will explore what it means to be a pioneer in the digital age by breaking new ground and connecting with diverse communities across the country.”

“Just as Bombardier is creating better ways to move the world with its groundbreaking rail products and services, MTP participants will be generating and implementing better ways to move the world through their individual projects,” added Robert Furniss, vice president, Bombardier Transportation North America. “What better way to connect with and learn from each other, and with communities across the country, than on a train journey? We look forward to learning from the insights of MTP’s young entrepreneurs.”