OMNOVA Solutions

Newest Pair of Boltaflex Contract Upholstery Designs Deliver a Touch of High Society and a Lot of Performance

OMNOVA Solutions has introduced two stunning Boltaflex contract upholstery designs – Nouveau and Sashay – that personify the duality of today’s affluent interior trends.

Nouveau would be right at home in a chic nightclub in Cannes or the French Riviera. Its tight, tone-on-tone diamond pattern reflects a contemporary interior design style of utilizing geometric shapes and lines to define space. Nouveau’s surface resembles the flashes of paparazzi cameras with all the glitz and glamour of the red carpet. It is available in 12 exuberant colors, showcasing an updated take on a classic Art Deco palette of luxurious neutrals and dazzling jewel tones. These colors can stand alone beautifully or coordinate with other interior finishes. Nouveau will make a statement in hospitality environments.

Though more reserved than Nouveau, Sashay is a dapper, sophisticated design that would add to the ambiance of patient and waiting rooms, or even an elegant café or private business suite. This graceful offering takes its inspiration from the soft forms of weeping willow trees with its dotted frond motif simulating a gentle breeze through the branches. Sashay also features a textile-like emboss, which provides a matte fabric feel. It is available in a palette of 12 popular colorways, including demure neutrals and bold accents.

Both of these new designs feature the industry gold standard, OMNOVA’s proprietary PreFixx protective finish, which enables easy cleaning and disinfecting. Nouveau and Sashay with PreFixx protective finish have excellent chemical resistance properties, allowing them to be repeatedly cleaned and disinfected with a wide variety of chemicals without worrying about discoloration or damage to the upholstery finish. As part of an overall cleaning program, Nouveau and Sashay can help create a healthier, long-lasting and durable interior environment while delighting designers, facility managers, knowledge workers, patients and guests with their stunning aesthetics.