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Portugal: Lisbon Metro’s PLAGO System Receives An Honourable Mention At the CIO Awards

During the CIO Awards 2013, the Lisbon Metro was distinguished with and Honourable Mention for its software Plago – optimized resource planning and real-time operations management system.

Developed by SISCOG in a partnership with Link Consulting, Plago is an integrated and optimized system which manages the three types of resources involved in a metro company: time and track occupation, vehicles and staff.

In operation since 2011, the system has provided Lisbon Metro several benefits, namely the optimization of the allocation of human resources and the better use of rolling stock in terms of circulation.

The integration of the entire planning process, from demand analysis, to staffing of stations and production of staff working plans, including aspects such as offer definition, creation of train timetables, personnel duties and rosters, and absence management, has brought several significant savings at different levels.

In addition, time spent by planners to achieve a good planning solution has been substantially reduced, allowing them more time for “creative” tasks, such as studying alternative operational scenarios and deeper analysis of input (demand) and output (planning) data.

According to João Pavão Martins, SISCOG’s CEO, “this system is a reference for SISCOG as it was the first to integrate the planning of the three major resources of a subway company, involving different planning phases. We are very proud to have contributed to increase Lisbon Metro’s efficiency and for this public recognition of the system”.

In its third edition, the CIO Awards project has been created by IDC with the goal of proving that in moments of economical, financial and social difficulties, organisations can invest on the enhancement and innovation of their activities, with the support of information technologies, producing projects that contribute to create value in their organizations.

PLAGO is a customization and integration of SISCOG products Ontime, Fleet and Crews.