Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

CA: BART Calls on Union Leaders to End Strike, Return to Table

BART spokesperson Rick Rice issued the following statement after the morning commute:

“We are sorry peoples’ lives have been disrupted by the union strike. This strike is not necessary and we call on union leaders to end it and join us at the table so the Bay Area can get moving again.

The district has informed the mediators that we are hoping they can schedule talks very soon. We are prepared to negotiate the significantly improved proposal we delivered on Saturday.
Unfortunately we do not have any further information on when negotiations will resume or how long the strike may last. We’re doing everything we can to get our people back to work and the trains running for everyone in the Bay Area.

We have a tremendous workforce, they keep our system working and they are dedicated employees. BART is simply trying to normalize its compensation package to better match what others pay towards pension and medical benefits.