CA: SamTrans and Caltrain Service in the Event of a BART Strike

SamTrans and Caltrain riders are advised to expect delays and crowds in the event of a BART strike. Commuters are encouraged, if possible, to use alternatives such as carpools, flexible hours or telecommuting.

Customers are advised to expect minor delays due to unusually high passenger volumes. Many buses and trains are already at capacity during the commute and the ability to provide additional service is hindered by the availability of equipment and personnel.

“If BART strikes, there will be a great deal of additional strain on all Bay Area transit operators,” said Chuck Harvey, deputy CEO, operations, construction and engineering. “We’re asking commuters to be patient, plan ahead and leave additional time to get to their destinations.”

In the event of a BART strike, Caltrain will monitor travel patterns and will attempt to respond to increased demand as crew and equipment availability permits.

SamTrans customers should look for their regular buses at temporary stops outside San Mateo County BART stations.

SamTrans also will provide a temporary shuttle from Daly City and Colma to a temporary transit center on Mission Street. The free shuttle will operate during commute hours, from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m, Monday to Friday.

In Daly City, the temporary shuttle stops will be on DeLong Street, adjacent to the BART station. In Colma, the temporary shuttle stop will be at the Colma Park and Ride lot, located behind the station.

The transit center will be located at Mission and Crocker streets in the northbound direction and Mission and Goethe streets in the southbound direction. Passengers will be able to transfer to SamTrans Route 391 and San Francisco Muni 14 at the transit center.