Pure Power Announces Third Patent for Cleanable and Reusable Filtration Devices

Pure Power! announced the issuance of their 3rd patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Their most recent patent is for an O.E.M. replacement drop-in cartridge oil filter for cars and trucks. PPI’s newest patent also includes drop-in cartridge filters for fuel, hydraulics and other applications.

“In reviewing PPI’s U.S. Patent #8,439,204; it appears to be the most comprehensive patent to date for cartridge-style cleanable and reusable filtration devises. The economical and performance benefits of this type of filter are impressive,” stated Karl Dedolph, president of D3 Consulting. “From the environmental perspective, there certainly can be a significant reduction for the end-user in filter procurement costs, inventory carrying costs, and waste disposal costs.”

“A good target audience for this filter are individuals and fleets that utilize the drop-in cartridge style full-flow filters in Class 1 through 8 work trucks. Those customers typically keep their vehicles for extended periods of time, have large numbers of PM’s per year, are driven by environmental issues, and look for ways to reduce costs,” added Dedolph.