San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans)

CA: SamTrans Releases “How to Ride” Video

Every weekday, more than 40,000 riders use SamTrans to get to work, school, medical appointments or to shop and run errands. Taking public transportation offers many advantages over driving — people can save money, make better use of their time and help save the environment.

For people who want to give public transportation a try, taking that the first bus ride can be intimidating. Figuring out which bus to take, how to pay your fare and even making sure that you don’t miss your stop can be overwhelming. SamTrans recently released a new series of “How to Ride” YouTube videos posted on the SamTrans website that can turn newbies into veterans.

A button on the bottom of the home page takes users to a “How to Ride” page that features the videos, as well as a complete description of how to use the system. The video also can be accessed by going to the SamTrans website. From learning to read a bus schedule to how to let the bus operator know when you want to get off the bus, the videos give clear, easy-to-understand instructions.

The videos are divided into five segments: planning your trip; boarding the bus; paying your fare; taking a seat; and arriving at your destination. They can be viewed separately or in one session.