Clever Devices

NY: Clever Devices Hosts Inaugural Hackathon

Clever Devices will host its first Hackathon July 27. Participants will be challenged to create unique visualization techniques based on transit bus datasets. Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges and a total of $5,500 in prize money will be awarded as follows: Gold - $4,000, Silver - $1,000 and Bronze - $500.

“Clever Devices is widely recognized in the transit industry as an innovator, having brought many firsts to our customers, and hosting a Hackathon further demonstrates this commitment to innovation,” said Frank Ingrassia, president and CEO of Clever Devices. “And, as residents of Long Island, this is an excellent way to show support to our employees and the local community of software designers and programmers.”

Clever Devices is seeking 30 teams of four people each for the event. Registration is open to the public and there is no charge to participate.