Gannett Fleming

Gannett Fleming Debuts TAROS Software at APTA Rail Conference

Gannett Fleming representatives introduced TAROS, a suite of traction power system simulator software tools designed to meet the design and engineering requirements of railroad and rail transit projects, during the 2013 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Rail Conference in Philadelphia.

Through TAROS, users can model both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) traction power systems. The software provides users with the ability to create model databases, manage network configurations and train schedules, and generate analysis reports quickly. The software supports engineering designs of new systems and improvements on existing systems. Rail and transit operators use the data produced from this resource to make prompt and informed decisions about rail operations when faced with changes in rail network configurations or traction power system configurations.

The program employs a front end that is represented by an intuitive user interface of panels and tabs. In addition, it offers a comprehensive Microsoft Excel template, allowing an entire model to be represented in a spreadsheet and loaded into the program in a single step. The tool enhances the firm’s transit and rail operations analysis, signal design, and electric load flow analysis capabilities.

“TAROS is the next generation of operations software for our industry. Through TAROS, we can run simulations and create models to achieve results faster and help clients to make educated assessments about how to move their systems forward. This innovation will enhance the efficiency and capabilities of the design engineers and operations analysts at our firm,” said Michael T. McNamara, P.E., president of Gannett Fleming Transit & Rail Systems, a division of Gannett Fleming specializing in transit and railroad track, signal, communication, and electric traction design.

Daniel P. Truesdell, software development manager, and Gordon Yu, Ph.D., C.Eng., manager of traction power analysis, presented an overview of the TAROS software suite during the conference’s traction power session. Both are based in the firm’s Lebanon, N.H., office.