Omni Line of Anchorages Announced by Q'Straint and Sure-Lok

Q’Straint and Sure-Lok are jointly announcing the availability of a new line of anchorages that gives operators the flexibility to use securements from either brand.

This means that properties will be able to mix and match retractors and manual belts from both Q’Straint and Sure-Lok simply by using Omni Floor Anchor Systems. Designed for agencies that require total flexibility in a mixed-brand environment, the Omni line takes the guess work out of securing passengers in school bus, para-transit, wheelchair accessible vehicles, community transport, ambulance or non-emergency transportation vehicles.

It has always been recommended that tie-downs match with the brand of their floor anchorages. Now with the Omni series, operators can reduce their liability and know that this new line of products have been tested and certified for both Q’Straint and Sure-Lok systems.

“Operators can now feel at ease whenever there is a chance that retractors and belts from both Sure-Lok and Q’Straint are at a property, plus it gives them the flexibility to source from both manufacturers,” said Bob Joseph, Q’Straint vice president of business development. “There are thousands of properties that have retractors and manual belts from both Q’Straint and Sure-Lok and by using Omni anchorages operators no longer have to brand match the track and pockets.”

All Omni Floor Anchor Systems feature stainless steel or aluminum materials designed for demanding transportation environments. Aluminum L-Track is the most widely used floor anchorage in the transportation industry.

“It is all about compatibility and liability. By installing Omni track, we know that the buses we are providing to our customers can use both Q’Straint and Sure-Lok retractors without worry about safety and potential legal exposure. This is the universal solution we have been looking for,” said Tony Matijevich, president with Creative Bus Sales.

Omni Products Have Been Tested to Meet the Following Standards:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - “Accessibility Specifications for Transportation Vehicles”
  • Applicable NHTSA Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standards
  • RESNA Vol. 4, Sec.18 Formerly SAEJ2249 - Recommended Practice – Wheelchair Tie-down and Occupant Restraint Systems for use in Motor Vehicles
  • ISO 10542 - Technical Systems and Aids for Disabled or Handicapped Persons - Wheelchair Tie-down and Occupant Restraint Systems
  • Canadian Standard Association (CSA) - “Mobility Aid and Occupant Restraint (MASOR) systems”