Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier Wins Order to Supply New Generation Movia Metro Fleet for Stockholm

Bombardier Transportation announced June 6 it has won an order from SL, the Stockholm Public Transport Authority, to deliver the new generation C30 metro fleet for Stockholm, Sweden, with a contract to provide 96 Movia metro vehicles. The contract includes an option for up to 80 further vehicles. The firm order is valued at approximately 5.1 billion SEK (€590 million, $771 million U.S.).

Based on the highly successful Movia metro platform, the new high-technology Movia C30 metros have been customised to meet the specific requirements of SL for high availability, accessibility, reliability and passenger comfort. The new fleet will run on the Red Line connecting Stockholm's north-eastern and south-western suburbs directly with the city centre. The four-car vehicles, fitted with a driver's cab at each end, are also equipped with advanced driverless functionality.

The new air-conditioned Movia C30 metros offer improved access for passengers with restricted mobility. The vehicles feature advanced passenger information systems and fulfil the highest environmental standards regarding energy consumption and choice of almost entirely recyclable materials. Delivery is scheduled to start in November 2016 with the start of traffic scheduled in early 2017.

The vehicles will travel around 150,000 km per year and will offer the system capacity to transport up to 60,000 passengers per hour. Bombardier will also provide its Bombardier Orbiflo intelligent train to wayside communication system, which is linked to the driverless feature and also provides real-time service information and passenger service updates.

Bombardier has supplied metro cars to Stockholm for over 60 years, including the C20 series that forms the backbone of the Stockholm metro fleet. The new generation C30 vehicles bring the latest metro technology to enhance the capacity and performace of the city's transport system.