Bombardier Transportation

Germany: Bombardier Presents Traxx AC Last Mile Locomotive at Transport Logistic 2013

Bombardier Transportation presents its Traxx AC locomotive with additional diesel engine plus traction battery at this year's Transport Logistic trade fair from June 4 to June 7 in Munich, Germany.

Under the theme “Extending your reach in rail”, Bombardier demonstrates how its Last Mile function enables the locomotive to pull heavy freight trains without catenaries over short distances on European corridors.

The innovative Traxx AC Last Mile locomotive is currently in the approval process. Operational tests have already proved its efficiency in hauling loads of more than 2,200 tonnes. The locomotive is able to run on both electric and non-electric tracks without stopping for transition. In addition, a radio remote control for shunting is available to increase its operational efficiency.

Over short distances, the locomotive can run exclusively on its battery and thus completely emission-free. This means that railway companies are able to transport goods directly into ports, freight terminals or loading warehouses without the additional use of trucks and shunting locomotives. The new technology offers customers seamless logistics in an increasingly competitive global market.

Railpool and Akiem have already ordered a total of twelve Traxx AC Last Mile locomotives. Railpool is leasing three of these locomotives to the Swiss railway company BLS Cargo. Initial test runs are currently taking place on the public network in Switzerland.

Bombardier is also highlighting its new Traxx Diesel multi-engine locomotive, which is low in fuel consumption and noise thanks to four Diesel engines. The four engines supply the complete locomotive in parallel and can be switched on and off according to the power requirement. The locomotive complies with the exhaust standard stage IIIB.

The theme “Extending your reach in rail” also applies to Bombardier’s latest strategic initiatives to meet customers’ needs in new markets more efficiently. At Transport Logistic, Bombardier also focuses on technical solutions such as the online service tool MyBTFleet and remote diagnostics that make maintenance and operation of Bombardier locomotives even easier for customers.

Locomotives are the backbone of most freight and many passenger services around the world. In Europe, Traxx locomotives are the most widely used, with more than 1,600 of them sold in just over a decade. The Traxx product family is designed for the transportation of goods and passengers on national and international routes on all networks. It is available in three electrical variants (for multi-system, AC and DC locomotives), as well as in a diesel-electric variant. All Traxx locomotives set themselves apart thanks to their modular construction and their highly efficient Bombardier MITRAC propulsion and controls systems. Bombardier plays a pioneering role with regard to new technologies in locomotive construction, enabling the transportation of more passengers and, especially in relation to the Traxx AC Last Mile, more goods in an economically and ecologically efficient way.