Germany: Booking Status Shows Clear Trend: the Global Rail Industry Relies Even More on the InnoTrans

The global railway industry appreciates the excellent marketing chances of the InnoTrans. This is not least reflected by the participation at the last event and the current level of registrations for InnoTrans 2014 which will take place Sept. 23-26 in Berlin.

Roughly 18 months before the next InnoTrans, more than 80 percent of the exhibition space of the previous event is already booked. This substantially surpasses the demand at comparable time periods in the past.

Looking more in detail on the registrations, it becomes apparent that the trend to larger presentation spaces continues. This means that many of the companies which already exhibited at the InnoTrans have booked a bigger exhibition stand than before for InnoTrans 2014. The same applies to the exhibition spaces on the unique outdoor display and the 3.500 metres of rail track of the InnoTrans — here the demand continues being high as well.

Furthermore, the international participation is likely to become again a trademark of the event, with a big interest shown by European companies and a particularly strong demand from the Asian and North American areas. In total, all indicators suggest that the next InnoTrans in Berlin will become the key element in the annual agenda of the global rail industry.