Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier Premieres E-Mobility Solutions at the UITP World Congress

Bombardier Transportation launched its entry into a new market segment by demonstrating its Bombardier Primove e-mobility solution developed for the bus sector.

The Primove system of wireless e-mobility has already been successfully proven in tram operations. Bombardier has further developed this technology to deliver the same benefits to the electric bus sector, with passengers in Europe potentially enjoying emission-free bus journeys from as early as 2014. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience for themselves a smooth, noise free ride on an e-bus equipped with the Primove propulsion and controls system at UITP in Geneva, Switzerland.

The new expanded portfolio of Primove technology now includes ultra-light Primove batteries and the Primove propulsion and control system that optimises energy efficiency for road vehicles. The market for e-buses is set to grow substantially in the next 10 years and Bombardier technology is set to be a driver of this growth.

Jürg Baumgartner, managing director, Basel Transport Authority (BVB), said “I’m convinced the City of Basel will get the best possible trams for its network. The Flexity tram outperforms all other vehicles by a massive margin. Traditionally, Basel’s trams have shaped the city’s identity. I believe that this region deserves a tram fleet that reflects our modern urban lifestyle and I am looking forward to the new trams entering service.”