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Switzerland: Young people of the world unite in Geneva for sustainable mobility

Six years after a group of young people came together to campaign for a better quality of life through the use of sustainable mobility, the Youth For Public Transport Foundation (Y4PT) has gained NGO status, as revealed at a press conference at the 60th UITP World Congress and Mobility & City Transport Exhibition.

The move opens the door for greater international cooperation between young people campaigning for sustainable development.

With the sale of cars declining in many parts of the world, the granting of NGO status to Y4PT is an historic moment as the foundation is unique in promoting the active participation of young people in advocating sustainable mobility. Six years of tireless work and the establishment of branches all around the world has proved that there is an increasingly large percentage of young people who are starting to dream of sustainable living and mobility instead of car ownership.

“This group really gives me the sense that I’m not alone, sitting at my desk, working by myself. The spirit of cooperation and information is far more than anyother “group of the net” ever joined!” said Alessandra Gorini, founder of Y4PT. “The foundation status means we can really move forwards with this project and take it to the next level.”

The granting of Foundation status to Y4PT will open up funding opportunities allowing it to focus on future projects, such as the launch of a job bank on the Y4PT website promoting job opportunities for young people in the sustainable mobility field as well as a series of educational programmes aimed at increasing awareness of sustainable transport.