CTC Inc.

CTC Inc., Gets the Green Signal from OmniTRAX Inc.

CTC Inc. announced May 20 the company has begun signal construction projects for OmniTRAX Inc., a railroad and transportation management company with 16 regional and short line railroads in the U.S. and Canada.

Under a master services agreement, CTC will complete highway-rail grade crossing work along the route structure of OmniTRAX-managed railroads, beginning with projects for Chicago Rail Link (CRL) and Illinois Railway. CRL, a short line railroad, provides switching and terminal services across 72 miles of trackage in Chicago, and the Illinois Railway operates across 113 miles of track west of Chicago.

According to Doug Henry, CTC project manager for signal design and construction, at Ewing Avenue and Harbor in Chicago, CTC will disassemble the existing crossing warning system, and engineer and install a new crossing signal warning system along CRL tracks.

“Crews began installing the foundations and conduit for a new crossing warning system in early May,” said Henry. “And we expect to complete the project in phases along with road construction at this location.”

According to Jason Scott, vice president of signals/communication for OmniTRAX, CTC is working on grade crossing upgrades in Holcomb, Rochelle, and Wedron, Ill., along Illinois Railway tracks.

“CTC will provide upgrades at these crossings that will include automatic flashing light signals, along with gates controlled by constant warning time circuitry,” said Scott.

In Yorkville, Ill., CTC signal crews will install a new crossing signal warning system necessitated by the widening of Illinois Route 47 around Yorkville, a $45 million project of the Illinois Department of Transportation.

“CTC is extremely pleased to provide signal engineering and construction services for OmniTRAX-managed railroads,” said John Sharkey, CTC vice president, signal design and construction. “Both companies share a passion for safety and quality, and we look forward to working with OmniTRAX to provide project and regulatory management.”