Moxa Americas Inc.

Moxa Introduces Camera for Rolling Stock

Bus and railway station security have become a critical priority for many governments.

The installation of surveillance IP cameras on buses and moving trains connected over WLAN or satellite networks make remote monitoring possible where traditional CCTV cameras cannot be installed. This sophisticated solution gives an added sense of security to passengers. In addition, security IP cameras can be deployed across bus stops and railway stations and all other critical points.

EN50155 is a specific standard that certifies the reliability of onboard electronic equipment subjected to constant EMC, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and humidity. Moxa’s surveillance IP cameras are built to meet these stringent requirements.

Rugged Design for Rolling Stock
Moxa's EN 50155 IP camera and DVR are built with tough M12 or DB9 connectors, and incorporate an HDD anti-vibration kit to withstand continued vibration in buses and trains. The wide operating temperature range and high EMC and surge protection are designed for critical outdoor conditions.

Easy and Stable Installation
Mounting devices on buses and trains is a challenge for operators, and to answer this challenge, the VPort 16-M12 IP camera supports both surface and flush mounting, as well as PAN and TILT functions for positioning the lens manually. The camera also supports Power-over-Ethernet to make installation quick and easy in trains where local electrical outlets are not available.

High Performance Video Streams
Both H.264 and MJPEG video streams are supported by Moxa’s EN 50155 IP camera and DVR to optimize bandwidth efficiency and image quality based on the compression level, frame rate, and video resolution. For example, the IP camera supports up to 30 frames per second at SVGA (800x600) resolution.

  • 1/3" CCD camera with maximum resolution of 800 x 600
  • Up to 3 H.264 and MJPEG video streams
  • Built-in 3D-deinterlace for progressive video image
  • IP66 rain and dust protection with dehumidifying membrane
  • Supports DHCP Opt 66/67 for auto-configuration
  • DynaStream supported for network efficiency
  • Built-in SDHC slot for local storage
  • OnVIF supported for standardization and interoperability