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MA: Siemens to Install LED Streetlights in Four Communities Through MAPC Program

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) has selected Siemens Mobility and Logistics Division to provide streetlight energy management services to Chelsea, Woburn, Arlington and Natick, saving the four communities a combined $300,000.

All four municipalities have executed contracts with Siemens for the design and installation of LED streetlight retrofits, making them the first streetlight projects in Massachusetts to use a performance-based energy management services contract model to implement energy efficiency upgrades in buildings.

By working with Siemens as a streetlight energy management services provider, the four municipalities were able to assess pilot installations before deciding on which fixtures to install, improving the quality and energy savings of the final project. Siemens estimates that the retrofits will result in energy cost savings of around $78,100 in Chelsea, $82,500 in Woburn, $75,500 in Arlington and $87,400 in Natick. As part of the services contract, Siemens is required to guarantee these energy savings, which the communities hope to put towards additional LED upgrades.

“This is an innovative method for implementing LED streetlight retrofits that we plan to help other communities consider,” said Helen Aki, MAPC Clean Energy program coordinator. “By procuring all the services associated with a retrofit project through one provider, these communities were able to work with Siemens to come up with solutions that were tailored to their local needs, and proceed with retrofits in a more streamlined manner.”

“LED streetlights not only provide residents with a safe and comfortable environment, they also help these communities significantly save on their energy costs and reduce greenhouse emissions in the process,” said Terry Heath, president of the mobility and logistics division for Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector. “Siemens is proud to work with cities and communities to make these important infrastructure improvements that require very little capital investment but have a big impact for residents.”

Earlier this year, representatives from the four municipalities reviewed responses and held in-person interviews before unanimously deciding on Siemens as their first choice. MAPC served in a facilitating role for the selection process. Installation of the fixtures in all towns will be completed by August.

“Arlington is very appreciative of the MAPC’s facilitation of this joint LED procurement,” said Adam Chapdelaine, Arlington town manager. “Not only were we able to increase our purchasing power, but perhaps more importantly, we were able to sit around a table with other municipal leaders and discuss solutions that best suited our communities.”

The MAPC Streetlight EMS procurement was made possible with support from the 2012 District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) program, state funds distributed among the 13 regional planning agencies in Massachusetts. DLTA funds provide technical assistance to cities and towns on regional collaboration, economic development, zoning, and protecting the environment. The Barr Foundation also provides support for MAPC’s clean energy work.