DE: DART Bus Operator Wins 1st Place in Customer Service Challenge at National Roadeo Event

Lauren Skiver, CEO of the Delaware Transit Corporation, is proud to announce Bus Operator William (Bill) Webb as the winner of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Customer Service Challenge at the 38th International Bus Roadeo in Indianapolis.

The Roadeo presented the participants with several tests of their abilities and skills. For the customer service challenge, competitors were judged on their professionalism, customer service skills, and problem-solving creativity.

Skiver stated, “I want to congratulate Bill on this year’s win in the customer service challenge. We are extremely proud of him, not only for his customer service skills, but also his proven driving abilities with wins in past DART and APTA Roadeos. He is a model operator providing excellence in public transit."

The International Bus Roadeo was held in conjunction with APTA’s Bus and Paratransit Conference this week. Competitors in this year’s Bus Roadeo represented twenty-eight states and three Canadian provinces.