Siemens Industry, Mobility Division

Siemens finalizes acquisition of Invensys Rail

Siemens Rail Automation has closed its acquisition of Invensys Rail, expanding the company’s footprint in the global rail automation market and strengthening its technology offerings, including ‘Positive Train Control’ solutions.

Invensys Rail will be integrated into the rail automation business of the mobility and logistics division. Siemens has also signed agreements to acquire the railway yard retarder business from SONA and has completed the acquisition of SkyEye Transportation Systems, improving the company’s range of IT solutions for transportation planning and scheduling tasks.

“Rail infrastructure is essential to the movement of people and goods in the U.S. Combining two of the strongest organizations in the market allows us to strengthen the core business of Siemens’ Infrastructure & Cities Sector and best serve the country’s rail needs,” said Roland Busch, CEO of the Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector and member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG.

Former Invensys Rail President and CEO John Paljug will become head of Siemens U.S. Rail Automation business, headquartered in New York. Over 500 Invensys employees will be joining Siemens Rail Automation as a result of the acquisition, including 300 in Louisville, Ky., and 210 in Marion, Ky.