Arlington Equipment Corp.

Powered Glass Manipulator for Bus and LRV Windows

Arlington Equipment offers products for the mass transportation industry.

Our VLSC 400 powered vacuum lifts manipulates removes and installs side window, window units and windshields up to 400 lbs. standard lift to 132” resulting in:

• Reduced manpower, one person instead of three
• Reduced chance of ergonomic injury, comp claims, absenteeism
• Reduced chance of glass and vehicle damage
• Increased productivity, this machine can work three shifts without tiring
• Perform repairs anyplace on your property, no cranes or hoists needed

The VLSC 400 is quicker, safer, more precise and more intuitive than hoists and other lifters.
Simply set the lift and tilt float range on convenient pendant controls and the VLSC does the rest.

The VLSC 400 follows the movement of your operators. To raise the work piece, simply lead the unit in the up direction. To lower, simply lead the unit down. The vertical tilt function is also assisted by air power to expedite the maneuvers required to install vehicle glass.

The VLSC- 400 installs windows, window units and windshields regardless of shape, size, curvature and method of attachment to the vehicle.