ImPulse NC LLC

IMPulse Earns White House Innovation Honor

IMPulse NC LLC has been selected by the White House as a Transportation Champion of Change.

The honor recognizes IMPulse for its patent-pending automated catenary safety monitoring system, which improves the reliability and safety of commuter and light rail transit systems while reducing maintenance costs.

IMPulse was honored at a White House ceremony on May 8 along with other elite transit organizations and professionals that are making a difference in transportation technology solutions for the 21st Century. IMPulse President Jeffrey Wharton attended the event.

IMPulse’s new catenary safety monitoring system remotely and constantly monitors the overhead line and its balance weight assemblies. This automated system identifies potential maintenance problems, thus increasing the safety and reliability of a transit line. The system is designed to eliminate the need for daily visual inspections while also giving transit agencies real-time access to the overhead wire system.

The system operates by solar power. No utility connection is required, which allows remote monitoring anywhere along a rail line. Through a password protected website, a transit agency can observe real time movement of the overhead wires and review past data. Maintenance personnel can track system history, facilitating a proactive service plan that in turn can offer substantial savings and help eliminate service interruptions. Imminent and actual problems are identified within seconds via a wireless alert system.

IMPulse recently completed several months of successful on-site tests along Virginia’s light rail line for Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) – “The Tide.” The system even withstood the impact of Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.