KinergyPower International Announces Successful Test of Kiner Rail Product

KinergyPower International and KinergyPowerUSA join in announed the debut of KinerRail, a unique product designed to harvest energy from the motion and weight of trains.

KinerRail recently went through multiple pilot tests in Greece and India during which the electrical output was verified in actual railroad settings.

KinerRail is a modular system that can be used with a variety of railroad systems — light rail, freight and long distance passenger. It is safe, simple to install and easy to remove.
KinerRail is part of an innovative family of energy-harvesting products designed and developed by KinergyPower International/KinergyPower USA. Other products include: KinergyPower Carpet, KinerBump and KinerPad. All these products produce electricity at a fraction of the cost of traditional energy sources and emit no pollutants through a U.S. patented process.

Following the successful launch and testing of the KinerRail pilot project, KinergyPower Companies take this opportunity to also announce our partnership with Amena Power & Fresh Water Generation FZE to promote KinerRail and all KinergyPower products in India.