New Stainless Steel DZUS PANEX Quarter Turn Fasteners from Southco Withstands Corrosion and Heat

Southco, Inc. has recently launched the stainless steel DZUS D8 PANEX Quarter-Turn Fastener — the newest line extension to the already successful DZUS D8 PANEX range of quarter-turn fasteners.

The stainless steel version delivers the same quick access and fast installation as the standard D8, but enables dependable, vibration-resistant fastening in harsh environments where heat and corrosion may affect operation.

The durable, formed stainless steel construction of the DZUS D8 provides aesthetic appeal as well as increased total material thickness (TMT) tolerance for robust fastening. Available in size 6 with slotted, hex and Phillips recessed head styles, and complementary mini clip-on and rivet-on receptacle options. The stainless steel DZUS D8 is compatible with variety of installation needs.

Product Manager Ben Goater adds, “Southco’s stainless steel DZUS D8 PANEX Quarter-Turn Fastener combines flexible styling with fast repeatable access for vibration-resistant, intuitive operation.”