Coming Soon to Lextran Bus Stops - Next-Bus Departure Time

Keep your eyes peeled for new Lextran bus stop signs! All Lextran bus stops are getting a makeover, featuring dynamic double-sided signage with information to obtain your next bus departure time.

The new signage is part of an overall brand "refresh," featuring the same design and blue-green color scheme as the latest additions to the Lextran fleet. More importantly, the new stop signs provide bus riders with a key piece of information for obtaining their next bus departure time: their stop ID number.

According to Lextran General Manager Rocky Burke, "When a passenger calls the IVR line (244-2020), they'll enter their stop number. The next (departure) time they're given is a real-time estimate based on the actual travel pattern of the bus. That way, our riders will know exactly when to expect the bus, rather than just wondering if it's on the way."

Installation of the signs is currently in progress, with the new signs already at many bus stops along Nicholasville, Tates Creek, and Versailles Roads. With more than 900 bus stops throughout the Lextran system, the installation is expected to be complete within 60 days.

New signs not yet at your stop? You may also look up your bus stop number by using this list.