Complete Coach Works

Complete Coach Works Awarded Contract to do CNG Conversion

Complete Coach Works announced it has been awarded a contract from Garden City Sanitation to repower forty-seven refuse trucks to run on compressed natural gas.

The repower process will include a new 2013 CARB certified Cummins engine rated 320 HP, a light weight fuel tank system that will provide 75 diesel equivalent gallons. A custom all aluminum tank system enclosure will be frame mounted and powder coated to match the color scheme of each truck. A new cooling system was also specially designed for these trucks.

"As a key feature of this project we were awarded, we committed to going the extra mile and developed a system that will allow us to frame mount the CNG tanks in an effort to support Garden City Sanitation's overall safe workplace programs," said Macy Neshati, vice president of Complete Coach Works. "CCW believes that keeping mechanics and contracted tank inspectors off the roof of the trucks promotes a safer work environment and further sustains Garden City Sanitation’s commitment to the wellbeing of their employees."

The CNG conversion demonstrates Garden City Sanitation’s continued commitment to their customers and the environment by providing waste management services with trucks that run quieter and have significantly lower tail pipe emissions than their diesel counterparts.