Rigid Lifelines

Rigid Lifelines Launches Rooftop Fall Protection Solutions

Rigid Lifelines now offers a versatile line of temporary and permanent rooftop fall protection solutions.

Rigid Lifelines provides at-risk workers with XSPlatforms rooftop fall protection solutions to accommodate a wide range of locations, roof types, and user knowledge. Along with providing the most reliable rooftop fall protection products in the industry, Rigid Lifelines and distribution affiliates provide training, fall hazard assessments, system quotes and information about inspections and installations.

“Rooftop falls are one of the biggest hazards facing industrial and construction workers,” said John Kemp, Rigid Lifelines national product and sales manager. “We are very pleased and excited to offer our customers the most minimally invasive and user friendly fall protection system for people accessing rooftops to perform tasks.”

XSPlatforms provides rooftop fall protection that’s compatible with almost any type of rooftop material.