Wendel Announces New CEO

Wendel, headquartered in Western New York, is pleased to announce its new chief executive officer and chairman of the board.

Stewart C. Haney, PE LEED AP, PMP has been appointed president/chief executive officer by Wendel’s board of directors, effective February 8, 2013. The board’s choice was the result of a three-year succession planning process.

“I am excited and optimistic about our future at Wendel because of the great people, partners and staff who work here,” said Haney.

Former CEO Anthony W. McKenna, PE will assume the role of chairman of the board this summer, and David C. Duchscherer, PE — current chairman of the board — will take on the role of chairman emeritus. In the interim McKenna will remain active within the firm and assist with the transition. After leading the firm for more than 20 years, the change is something McKenna has planned and he is excited about his new position.

Duchscherer will remain active on Wendel’s board and continue to help lead the national public transportation business. Duchscherer will continue his involvement on projects, and remains committed to his clients.