Talk-A-Phone's Emergency Phones Now Integrate with Singlewire InformaCast Advanced Notification

Talk-A-Phone announces integration of the VOIP-500 series phone/WEBS Paging Module with Singlewire Software’sInformaCast Advanced Notification solution.
With Talk-A-Phone’s public release of the VOIP-500 firmware version, users of the InformaCast Advanced Notification can now send audio broadcasts to Talk-A-Phone’s VOIP-500 series phones and WEBS paging devices over a network.
“We are extremely pleased to announce the integration with Singlewire”, said Samuel Shanes, chairman and CEO for Talk-A-Phone Co. “This is truly a significant step forward to building a comprehensive all-encompassing mass notification solution for our jointvcustomer base.”
The newly released firmware allows users to activate the line-level output and to disable the speaker / microphone on Talk-A-Phone’s VOIP-500 series phones by entering a user configurable DTMF code. The unit can also be programmed to have an auxiliary output trigger at the same time.
InformaCast Advanced Notification is a full-featured emergency notification solution that enables organizations to reach an unlimited number of phones with text, and live or pre-recorded audio messages. Notification can also be sent to IP speakers, existing analog overhead paging systems, computer desktops via a pop-up client or Cisco Jabber IM, IP-based digital signage, email, and social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.
In addition, InformaCast Advanced Notification can also be used for automatically sending
weather alerts, monitoring for 911/emergency numbers dialed within an organization, initiating an emergency conference call session with managers, and triggering notification to and from other networked systems.