MI: MTA Obtains 'Green' Cars

Mass Transportation Authority in Flint, Mich., has continued its “Go Green” expansion this week with the arrival of 13 new Ford C-MAX SE model cars.

The energy efficient vehicles are advertised as getting 47 miles per gallon. The cars will run off of electric up to 35 miles. After that, it switches over to gas power. The vehicle has the same regenerative braking as the diesel electric hybrids.

“The vehicles are very passenger friendly,” Ed Benning, MTA general manager stated. “We are very pleased with the interior of the vehicle. It provides ease for entering and exiting . For a small vehicle it provides more than adequate leg room as well as a comfortable ride.”

Benning added that the doors of the vehicles are designed to provide a larger opening for the passenger.

“The doors are made differently,” Benning said.

Typically, the MTA replaces cars at 350,000 to 400,000 miles. The MTA purchased these cars, which are assembled in Michigan, off of a state contract. The vehicles were purchased with both federal and state grant funds.

The cars will be used for Your Ride services throughout Genesee County.