Alexandria Transit Company (DASH)

VA: DASH Board Approves 10 cents Fare Increase, a New Route, and Service Reductions to Meet City’s Projected FY14 Budget Shortfall

The Alexandria Transit Company (ATC) Board of Directors held a public hearing in conjunction with their March Board meeting last night to receive public comment on a proposed 10 cent increase in the base fare, a $5.00 increase to the monthly DASH pass, and proposed service reductions slated to go into effect in July as part of the fiscal year 2014 budget and the transit company’s annual transit development program.

The proposed reductions meet the City’s proposed DASH subsidy reduction. ATC evaluated service on routes with the lowest ridership productivity and developed criteria based on reductions that would have the least impact to riders and the availability to alternate transit connections should cuts be necessary.

The Board approved a 10 cent increase in the base fare from the current $1.50 to $1.60, a $5.00 increase in the price of the deeply discounted monthly DASH Pass from the current $35.00 to $40.00. The Board also approved the elimination of the peak period AT1 extension along Eisenhower Avenue and the Saturday extension between Eisenhower and King Street Metro, via Carlyle.

The City is proposing reductions in Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) funds that could impact the frequency of the King Street Trolley, from 15 minute to 20 minute service. ATC is concerned about the reduced headways of the trolley, as the popular service is at capacity much of the spring, summer, and fall.

ATC will be receiving an allocation of TIP funds for service expansion and improvements, including:

  • A new AT9 crosstown route that will operate between the Mark Center and Potomac Yard. ATC has asked Arlington County if the new DASH route could serve the Shirlington Transit Center. An official answer is expected soon, although the concept was well received.
  • The AT8 weekday peak period service will increase frequency to every 10 minutes between Landmark Mall and the King Street Metrorail Station
  • The AT8 weekday midday service will increase frequencies to every 30 minutes along the entire route
  • The AT10 weekday service will increase service hours and end approximately an hour later and Saturday service will start approximately an hour earlier and end an hour later.