EAO Corp.

New Emergency-Call Pushbutton Further Enhances EAO’s Award Winning Series 57

EAO Corporation has introduced the newest addition to the award winning Series 57 — the Series 57 'Emergency-call' pushbutton.

With the Series 57’s signature large actuating area and illuminated feedback ring, this rugged and durable switch is ideal for the rigors of public interaction. Its easily identified ‘Call for aid’ symbol allows users to easily recognize this necessary device in emergency situations.

This innovative, reliable and intuitive product is suitable for all-types of applications where call-to-aid devices are required including rail lavatories, safety terminals, or public help kiosks. The unique design features a user-friendly, Ø74mm operating surface that incorporates two independently-illuminated feedback rings and fully complies with EN 14752.

These units offer several features to promote protection — sealing capabilities to IP69K allow for outdoor use; a wide, raised aluminum bezel helps protect against accidental usage and vandalism; and heavy-duty plastics and aluminum construction help withstand years of harsh use. Being IP69K protected, the pushbuttons are guarded against liquid and dirt ingress, and will resist chemical wash-downs often found within these application environments.

The raised ‘Call for aid’ symbol conforms to TSI PRM (Technical Specification for Interoperability for Passenger with Reduced Mobility) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act – Accessibility Guidelines for Transportation Vehicles) and will never wear or fade.

Offering outstanding durability, the Series 57 Emergency-call button is constructed using contemporary materials and will continue working through extreme temperatures from – 40º to +85ºC.