Via Metropolitan Transit

TX: Poetry to be on Via Buses in April

VIA Metropolitan Transit has announced the winners of its poetry contest. Their poems will be on display inside the agency’s buses and vans throughout National Poetry Month in April. The Classroom On Wheels educational bus will also feature all of the poems and promote literacy when it visits the schools in April.

“Poetry on the Move” was open to anyone over 18 years of age in Central and South Texas. Over 180 entries were received, and the winning poems have been illustrated, printed, and distributed as interior cards on VIA’s buses and vans. The winners of VIA’s 2013 Poetry on the Move contest are listed below:

  • Robert Allen – “Floating Barrel in a Picture"
  • Patricia Spears Bigelow – “Hill Country Shower”
  • Valerie Crosswell – “At The Holocaust Museum”
  • Cathy Downs – “Chalk on the chalkboard”
  • Cyra S. Dumitru – “Call of the River”
  • Martha K. Grant – “Along the Highway, After the Downpour”
  • Joyce Gullickson – “Another Rescue Attempt”
  • Tim Jackson – “Midnight deer”
  • Sylvia Riojas Vaughn – “The carwash lasts until it rains,”
  • Mobi Warren – “Ant rescue”

In addition to the ten poems received in the VIA contest, another ten were accepted from the San Antonio Public Library’s Young Pegasus program. All 20 poems were sent to four area art programs where they were illustrated before being printed on the interior cards. The participating artist programs were the North East School of the Arts, the Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School of Art + Design, SAY Sí, and the Edgewood Fine Arts Academy.