PTraffic Works for Platform-Independent Timetable Applications

Software to edit time tables and create line maps don't need to be expensive. PTraffic is a simple to use software to create, edit and evaluate time-schedules.

PTraffic Pro additionally contains a line map editor. The data format used is the platform independent "Portable Table Format“.

PTraffic Pro offers functions to enter and manage your stations, lines and time schedules. With the line map editor you can create clearly arranged line maps. Integrated browser applications are to hold information about stations and lines, their schedules and time tables and — as a new innovation — a traffic simulation.

The usage of the "Portable Data Format“ allows for full access to all data using the Open-Source-Software PublicSQL. This enables you to create individual and platform-independent Web-Applications.

Whenever you need a easy to use software performing necessary functions PTraffic Pro is the solution for your company. The price makes PTraffic Pro attractive for smaller transportation companies. The combination of PTraffic, PublicSQL and Javascript offer unlimited possibilities for programmers to create their own Internet applications.