IndyGo Employee Brian Williams Recognized for Service Excellence

IndyGo professional coach operator and trainer Brian Williams received the red carpet treatment while attending the 22nd annual ROSE Awards at the Indiana Roof Ballroom, hosted by Visit Indy.

The ROSE Awards, also known as the “Academy Awards” of the service industry, dotes on local employees and is an acronym for Recognition of Service Excellence. IndyGo extends congratulations to Williams for five years of exemplary service and winning the prestigious ROSE Award. Williams was one of nearly a hundred ROSE honorees and stood among nine others winners.

“Hundreds of people get on and off my bus each day,” Williams said. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve them — helping them get to work in our restaurants and hotels,” he added as he reflected on his role in a city that plays host to hundreds of thousands of visitors.

“When people get on the bus, I always put my best face on. I know that anyone walking through those doors could be a visitor just looking to enjoy the city or they may even be considering a move to Indianapolis!”

In his five years at IndyGo as a professional coach operator, Williams has transported nearly 100,000 passengers, driven more than 60,000 miles and received numerous customer compliments for his friendly demeanor and helpful nature. But beyond his excellence in service to Indianapolis residents and visitors on board a bus, Williams spreads his contagious smile and positively humbling attitude among his co-workers through an inspiring monthly editorial column, The Driver’s Side, which he writes for IndyGo’s employee newsletter.

Even after he’s clocked out at the end of a day of work behind the wheel, Williams continues to serve the community because he says “it’s in my nature to uplift people.” Once a month, Williams shares his faith and inspiration through a sermon as an assistant pastor at Nehemiah Bible Church on Indy’s east side where he also acts as counselor for people with addictions.

And his commitment to service doesn’t stop there — Williams volunteers as a speaker at the Indianapolis nonprofit Fathers and Families Center, an organization committed to enhancing the capacity of young fathers to become responsible and involved parents, wage earners and providers of child support.

“Mr. Williams consistently dazzles our management staff, our customers and his co-workers with his service-obsessed approach to not only his work, but his life,” said Mike Terry, IndyGo president and CEO. “IndyGo is honored to count Brian in our ranks to serve Indianapolis.”