TX: Have You Thanked Your Bus Driver Lately?

The busiest portion of South by Southwest has arrived, and Capital Metro bus operators are prepared to provide hundreds of thousands of rides this weekend. They’ll navigate intense traffic congestion and street closures and answer hundreds of questions from first-time riders and out of town guests, all while providing safe transportation service with a smile. Come March 18, SXSW will be over, and that’s the perfect time to thank our community’s bus operators for their service.

March 18, is International Bus Driver Appreciation Day, and Capital Metro encourages the community to thank their favorite bus operators. A variety of thank you cards are available for free download at busdriverday.org.

“Bus operators provide such a critical service, 365 days a year, rain or shine,” explained Capital Metro President/CEO Linda S. Watson. “Our cities’ air is cleaner, and our roads less congested, thanks to their hard work, and I personally want to thank the 800 men and women who operate buses in service to Capital Metro.”