Wireless CCTC (WCCTV)

WCCTV Launches 4G Products

WCCTV announced it is the first to launch a 4G range of rapidly deployable solutions.

David Gilbertson, managing director of Wireless CCTV said, “I am delighted that we continue to maintain our market leading status as a provider of mobile surveillance solutions. It is great to be able to provide both existing and new customers with portable security systems which will provide live video streaming at such an increased rate. The benefits of WCCTV portable systems increasingly outweigh fixed installations for many applications”.

Live 4G video transmission is currently available across the whole of the WCCTV Dome and Tower product range as well as the 2 camera covert Micro system. Additional products will be 4G enabled in the near future and all existing 3G customers will be able to upgrade their products in the coming months.

The Wireless CCTV systems have been designed to operate on all 4G networks globally.

WCCTV will be showcasing its 4G live video streaming products at Security and Policing, ISC West, Railtex and IFSEC over the coming weeks.