INIT, Innovations In Transportation Inc.

INIT Launches New Mobile Ticketing Solution at APTA Fare Collection Workshop

INIT announced March 14 its partnership with GlobeSherpa, an innovative provider of mobile ticketing software, for the release of their fully-customizable mobile ticketing solution, MOBILEticket.

MOBILEticket is a new smartphone application that helps transit authorities connect with their riders, reduce operating costs, and move into the future of open payment systems. With MOBILEticket, riders can easily buy and use their public transit passes from their mobile phone.

“We are very excited to partner with such a respected leader in transit services,” said Nat Parker, CEO of GlobeSherpa. “By integrating our ticketing technology with INIT’s broader fare collection systems, we can offer transit agencies a unique solution that can improve fare collection and significantly reduce costs.”

MOBILEticket offers an inspector’s app for ticket validation through visually authenticated elements and QR codes or via NFC. The back-end processing system is multi-client capable and allows agencies to track sales and transactions by agency, ticket and rider types, times, and zones. In addition, it integrates and processes mobile tickets and smart cards in one easy system.

Roland Staib, INIT CEO hopes the new application will give transit authorities a substantial incentive to draw new passengers to public transit and increase revenue. “We couldn’t be more excited about offering this technology to our customers,” Staib said, “It’s where the market is going and through this partnership we are in a position to lead.”

INIT plans to demonstrate the new ticketing application at the upcoming APTA Fare Collection Workshop being held in Phoenix, Ariz., on March 18-19. The live demonstrations will take place inside booth No. 29 or by appointment. INIT and GlobeSherpa representatives will be on hand throughout the conference to answer questions about the new mobile app.