Duo-Gard Industries

Duo-Gard Unveils New Daylighting Systems

Introducing Duo-Therm25 and Duo-Therm40: Insulating translucent daylighting systems that integrate multiwall polycarbonate glazing filled with insulating Lumira aerogel to enable you to diffuse and distribute natural light with the most effective results in a wide range of vertical glazing applications from skylights to walls to clerestories.

Achieve U-value 0.16 with SHGC 0.54 and VLT 49 percent with Duo-Therm25’s
combination of 25mm polycarbonate and Lumira aerogel. For higher performance requirements, choose Duo-Therm40’s combination of 40mm polycarbonate filled with Lumira aerogel for U-value 0.09 with SHGC 0.46 and VLT 40 percent.

Lumira aerogel is a dry, porous silicate, 97 percent air, non-toxic, non-combustible, completely recyclable and so eco-friendly it’s Cradle-to-Cradle Certified (CM). It’s the world’s most highly insulating material at R-8 per inch. And it’s one of daylighting’s most significant advances.

“Daylighting is no longer sustainability’s best-kept secret,” says Stephen Fleckenstein, director of new product development. “It provides the proven benefits of reduced operating costs plus higher occupant comfort and productivity. Today’s challenge for architects and designers is how to use more of it more effectively. That’s where Duo-Gard’s new systems come in.”

He adds that the Duo-Therm systems provide full-spectrum, balanced natural light without glare and heat gain, contributing to the occupants’ comfort level in any space.

Complementing the new systems is Duo-Gard’s Daylight Modeling Service —
provided with each project — which allows you to evaluate your daylighting design
right at the concept stage.

“Our entire team of designers, engineers, project managers and production specialists focuses its efforts on your specific project,” says Fleckenstein. “That approach, coupled with the our new systems and our daylight modeling service, brings architects and designers daylighting results second to none.”