TransTech: a Wabtec Company

SC: FTA Administrator Visits TransTech

Peter Rogoff, administrator of the U.S. Federal Transit Administration (FTA), visited TransTech of South Carolina on Feb. 22.

As a member of the Fandstan Electric Group, TransTech engineers and manufactures solutions to power moving machines — including electric trains — by bringing fresh ideas to old technologies like pantographs and third rail.

During his visit, Rogoff noted that the components made at TransTech’s facility — located in the upstate of South Carolina — serve “easily half the transit ridership in the United States when you combine TransTech’s contributions to the Long Island Railroad, Metro North, and LA Metro, and subway systems in New York, and Metra in Chicago.”

Rogoff applauded TransTech for being “innovators in our industry,” and noted that TransTech is “a company on the grow as it develops new innovations to make those products perform better and be more affordable.”

After his brief meeting with TransTech’s president and management team, Rogoff toured the facility where he shook hands and spoke with several of the workers. Rogoff also addressed the full staff of TransTech. In his remarks, he explained that, as consumers look for affordable transportation options, “there is a certain inevitability about transit in the United States,” and he said that FTA is “very grateful” for the “creativity and innovation that folks in our company are exhibiting” in order to have our components “do some very important things for millions of people.”