Siemens Industry, Mobility Division

Siemens Mobility Partners With Acyclica Inc.

Siemens Mobility and Logistics Division has partnered with Acyclica Inc. to exclusively distribute Acyclica’s popular BlueCompass, BlackCompass and CrossCompass hardware to the North American market. In conjunction with Acyclica’s Analyzer software, these products are one of the most versatile travel-time and origin-destination (OD) data measurement solutions in the intelligent transportation industry.

The Bluetooth or Wi-Fi based sensors in the BlueCompass, BlackCompass and CrossCompass hardware record the unique signature emitted by a handheld personal devices in its vicinity and helps cities and transit agencies measure travel times as well as origin-destination (OD) data. The information is gathered anonymously to map congestion, conduct origin-destination studies, monitor intersection delays, and provide construction zone monitoring.

“As cities continue to implement intelligent transportation solutions to improve the quality of life for their citizens, the ability to gather data in real-time is essential,” said Terry Heath, president of Siemens Mobility and Logistics Division. “This data solution is not only a cost-effective way to measure travel time and make adjustments to traffic control systems, but an innovative solution to aid in evacuation routes and other situations where delays can be an issue.”

Siemens will be offering this solution through its network of direct offices and Value Added Partners across the U.S. and Canada.

“We are pleased to partner with Siemens to help traffic engineers around the world improve the daily lives of commuters, increase fuel efficiency, and increase safety through deploying our solutions,” said Daniel Benhammou, president of Acyclica.