Tapeswitch Releases New Emergency Signaling Systems

Tapeswitch Corporation manufactured two new emergency response signaling systems, The PASS System with and without built-in LEDs for increased visibility. 

The PASS System is made of pressure sensitive switch technology offering millions of actuations at any point for a long operational life. This technology has been used in many signaling applications throughout the world for over fifty years.

The PASS System offers end-to-end actuation over the entire length of the strip and can run the entire length of the room for full coverage or large or small area applications. The PASS system integrates with existing alarms and communications systems. This system easily connects via a rapid response controller that even accommodates and monitors short contacts offering added protection in sending the signal

The product is offered as a custom built, finished product or in ready to assembly kits for easy field installation. Available are closed end caps for embedded cable installations and trunking end caps for standard trunking, and corner caps for full room coverage.

The PASS with LEDs is offered in numbers of 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, and 33 LEDs with spacing of 150 mm or 300mm. The PASS field installation kits consists of 4 x white end-caps: 2 x closed & 2 x trunking end-caps, 4 x grease-filled terminals and PCB with colored LED and 5M cable.